Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here With Us

This story has unquestionably touched my heart.
How could I not share this beautiful video of Tiffany, Jared and their new baby?

 This video is the epitome of pure love, unfathomable heartbreak, and amazing faith - and a reminder of what's most important in life.

Jared passed away suddenly on November 30th, 2011 leaving behind his pregnant wife Tiffany, and their 17 month old girl, Reese.

I just can't even comprehend what Tiffany and her families are going through- grieving over the (still fresh) passing of her beloved husband and the joy of welcoming a new spirit, their baby daughter.

I can't even begin to go there with my mind.
I just can't. My heart breaks for Tiffany and her sweet girls.

What a tender, heart-wrenching, emotional, spiritual experience this video is.
I hope it reminds you of what's most important.
The truth that families can be together forever is immensely comforting.

Go kiss, hug and tell your loved ones that you love them :)

You can read more about Tiffany and Jared HERE.

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